Answers to Frequently Asked DRS Protocol™ Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked DRS Protocol™ Questions
Live your life without pain, or compromise. Discover the non-surgical spinal decompression solution, using The DRS Protocol™.

Is the DRS Protocol™ Painful?

The DRS Protocol™ is safe, gentle, and painless. In fact, it is comfortable and relaxing.

Not only do our patients enjoy their sessions, but as they progress through the DRS Protocol™ and begin to experience pain relief, many report they began feeling hopeful—some for the first time in a long time—because they feel better than they have in years!

How Long Does Treatment Take?

DRS Protocol™ appointments last approximately 45 minutes. This time includes additional therapies that relax the muscles of your neck or spine, such as icing and interferential therapy (a pleasant muscle stimulation therapy that decreases pain and inflammation).

The initial course of therapy typically includes 25 – 30 treatment sessions over a 6 – 8 week timeframe.

Are There Any Nutritional Components to DRS Treatment?

Our DRS Protocol™ includes a comprehensive, holistic nutritional supplement plan to aid the recovery of your nerves, muscles and the joints of your spine. This includes a natural muscle relaxant and a natural, bromelain-based anti-inflammatory.

This includes a natural muscle relaxant and a natural, bromelain-based anti-inflammatory.

As your treatment progresses, we will also recommend formal stretches and gentle exercises to help stabilize your spine.

Who Administers the Treatment?

Each session is performed by a DRS clinician specifically trained in the use of the DRS Protocol™. Here at Auth Chiropractic and Vitality Center, we have had the privilege of being personally taught by Dr. Richard Busch—the doctor who developed the DRS Protocol™.

Is It Right For Me? What Do I Do Next?

The DRS Protocol™ could be your first step on the journey back to living pain-free. We help you return to doing what you love. However, it is not the right treatment option for 100% of patients.

If you would like to explore the possibility of relieving your pain and finding out whether with the DRS Protocol™ is right for you, we invite you to complete the form below to schedule an initial, caring, and thoughtful consultation with Dr. Auth. There is no obligation, and the consultation is free.