The DRS Protocol™ – Auth Chiropractic and Vitality Center
The DRS Protocol™ – Auth Chiropractic and Vitality Center
If you are suffering from severe or chronic pain, it can completely consume you. You are desperate for any kind of relief.

Live your life without pain, or compromise. Discover the non-surgical spinal decompression solution, using The DRS Protocol™.

If you are suffering from severe or chronic pain, it can completely consume you. You are desperate for any kind of relief. Perhaps even surgery has been recommended or is an option you are considering.

Back and neck surgery should always be a last resort. Complications from surgery can be permanent and spinal surgeries often require a long recovery period. In some cases, surgery can result in additional complications. There is now a safe, comfortable and effective alternative to surgery…

Are You Suffering from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica or other Nerve Pain? Are You Searching for a Safe Alternative to Surgery, Injections and Addictive Pain Medications?

Relief—even from severe pain—IS possible.

The DRS Protocol™ Could Be Your Solution

One of the most scientifically advanced spinal treatments available today; The DRS Protocol™ is 94% effective in treating bulging, degenerative or herniated discs. DRS™ stands for Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization. It can offer relief from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and other nerve conditions. It also – in many cases – is effective for treating conditions associated with failed back and neck surgeries. The DRS Protocol™ can help you get back to the activities you love – pain-free.

How the DRS Protocol™ Relieves Your Pain

The DRS Protocol™ decreases the irritation in your spine and reduces pressure on your nerves and discs. This helps stabilize your condition, relieving pain so you can get back to your normal daily life.

By comfortably increasing the space between your vertebrae, The DRS Protocol™ mobilizes the spinal joints and re-tones your underlying musculature. Once this is accomplished many patients return to a pain-free and drug-free life.

Imagine no longer needing help to:

• Put on your shoes

• Shop for groceries

• Sleep through the night

• Accomplish all the daily activities your pain prevents

Envision a life where you return to the activities you love– walking, skiing, riding your bike, playing with your kids or grandkids, even driving. Everything you love to do, and are not able to becomes enjoyable again when you’re no longer in pain. Returning to a pain-free, comfortable life is a powerful and rewarding journey.

Watch the 2+ minute Video Below to See How The DRS Protocol™ Changed Ellen’s Life

Do you want to know if non-surgical spinal decompression is right for you?
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Understanding your spinal health

Throughout your daily activities, your spine supports you while taking on the natural forces of gravity and compression. This stress on your spine caused by everyday life has a cumulative effect, which can cause your spine to be compromised. These activities may include bending, lifting, twisting, sitting, driving, reaching – even something as simple as coughing, sneezing or tying your shoes. The ongoing stress to your spine results in discs becoming damaged, causing them to weaken and tear.

When this occurs, the nucleus (soft interior portion) of your disc may push through tears in the outer tissues (annulus), resulting in a disc herniation or a disc bulge. This disc material may directly press on your nerves or cause a chemical irritation creating severe shooting pain, burning pain or numbness and tingling.

As you see in the image of the herniated disc, the nucleus is protruding through a tear and is pressing on the nerve.

In order to keep the nucleus of your disc intact and functioning correctly, the outer tissues of the discs need to heal. Once this is achieved, your spine returns to more healthy state, your pain subsides, and your life can return to normal.

How does the DRS Protocol™ return your spine to a state of health?

The DRS™ Protocol is both relaxing and comfortable as well as safe and drug-free.

The DRS™ Protocol returns your spine to a state of health by:

  • increasing the space between your vertebrae
  • mobilizing spinal joints
  • relieving and unloading pressure from your spine
  • reducing irritation on the joints, nerves and discs in your spine
  • toning underlying musculature
  • improving circulation and allowing for the diffusion of water, oxygen and nutrients

Are you curious to see the DRS Protocol™ in action? Watch the short videos below:

DRS Protocol for the Cervical Spine

DRS Protocol for the Lumbar Spine

The Back and Neck Pipeline

Do you see yourself anywhere (or everywhere?) on the Pipeline? If so, chances are, you’re a candidate for The DRS Protocol™. If you’re thinking, “Yes, that’s me,” we suggest you call our office at PHONE and schedule a consultation.

Dr. Auth will conduct a detailed and thorough examination to determine whether The DRS Protocol™ can help you. If you qualify, Dr. Auth will create a specific treatment plan to address your particular needs and conditions.

Dr. Auth’s goal is to keep you out of the pipeline and return you to a symptom-free, comfortable life, able to do the things you love.

The DRS Protocol™ is tremendously successful.

Dr. Auth has personal experience and a phenomenal recovery story

Dr. Auth has been where you are today. One of the main reasons Dr. Auth brought The DRS Protocol™ into his office was to treat his own spinal conditions.

You can read Dr. Auth’s full story here. Or, watch this 1.5-minute video to hear Dr. Auth’s perspective:

Pain relief means returning to the activities you enjoy

Every aspect of treatment is designed to relieve your pain or symptoms and help you heal. A 94% success rateis an encouraging benchmark. Thousands of patients have experienced dramatic relief and healing through The DRS Protocol™.

If you’re seeking pain relief and are interested in exploring how The DRS Protocol™ can help you, please call our office at 970-262-7929 or complete the form and we will be in touch promptly.

Discover how The DRS Protocol™ has helped these patients

Terri – Spinal Stenosis

Terri, diagnosed with spinal stenosis, had tried conventional chiropractic care, but found the effects were temporary.

The DRS Protocol™ has improved the quality of my life and I would recommend it for anyone suffering from chronic discomfort.

Mike – Spinal Stenosis

Mike was a firefighter who had an accident on the job, resulting in chronic pain. He was seeking a natural treatment for pain relief and to avoid surgery. Dr. Auth diagnosed Mike with spinal stenosis and recommended non-surgical spinal decompression.

Mike describes his experience as incredible. He has quickly been able to return to the active lifestyle he loves.

The DRS Protocol™ has completely taken surgery out of my thought process – The DRS Protocol™ has given me great results.

Vicki – Degenerative Disc Disease

A colleague referred Vicki, a ski instructor at Copper Mountain, to Dr. Auth. She had been suffering from degenerative disc disease for ten years. Vicki had tried physical therapy, acupuncture and steroid shots. None of those treatments had any lasting effect for her.

If like I have, you’ve tried other things, please consider The DRS Protocol™, it’s well worth it. Everything else was just a Band-Aid.

Are you ready to experience relief from pain like Ellen, Terri, Mike, and Vicki?

Call our office at 970-262-7929 or complete the form and we will be in touch promptly.

Answers to Frequently Asked DRS Protocol™ Questions

Live your life without pain, or compromise. Discover the non-surgical spinal decompression solution, using The DRS Protocol™. Find answers to all your questions about our DRS Protocol™ services asked questions.

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Paul R.

This is the best Chiropractor in Summit County! I have had back pain for many years and I feel great after going to see Dr. Auth. He is kind, caring and very good at what he does. Highly recommend that you go see Dr. Auth!

Tanya S.

Back massage is wonderful, she really helped me work on several muscle issues. I can't wait to go back.

George K.

Becca did magic on my legs that needed work after 3 days of skiing. This will sure help me stay on top of my game for the next 3 days!

Elizabeth C.

Excellent experience on my first visit today! Everyone was so kind and professional along with a gorgeous state of the art office.

Teresa H.

I visited Dr. Auth for bulging and herniated discs which worsened due to long hours sitting at my desk, and Dr. Auth's team promised from the first visit that I would respond very well to decompression therapy. I was certainly a bit skeptical, since so many other procedures only provided ...

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Johnny C.

Dr. Auth does great work! Super nice guy and a LONG time local. He's got a really great staff to back him up too. Thanks guys!

Tara S.

Got in the same day, appt was on time, and Dr. Jeffrey was amazing! Would definitely go back!

Elizabeth G.

On top of being knowledgeable and accommodating Claire gave me one of the best massages i have ever had. I get A LOT of massages and if you are looking for one in the area I would more than recommend her! Office was also very calm, clean and inviting.

Adrian L.

Really understanding doctors with great customer care.

Kyle B.

Dr. Auth is a Master of his craft. I came in a year ago after taking a weird bump at Keystone. I thought I would be stuck on greens for the rest of my life. I'm having a beer at the Kickapoo right now feeling like I just skied the ...

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Arthur B.

As a chiropractor of 9 years, I am very critical of other chiropractor and their technique. Dr. Auth was one of the best chiropractors I have experienced. If you are reading this review to decide where to go, let me help you out and say... Do yourself a favor and ...

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Thank you Dr. Auth for helping me with my ski injury. I am a chiropractor who travels through Summit County on a regular basis but had not had a chance to stop in to meet fellow colleagues in the area. After contacting several chiropractors in the Dillon-Frisco area on a ...

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Dan C.

Highly recommend Dr. Auth! Very professional and caring staff.

Chris W.

Hurt my lower back and shoulder snowboarding. Also had chronic pain in my other shoulder from years ago. Dr. Auth diagnosed me in a matter of minutes and performed a miracle on my back. Very cool down to earth guy. He knows what’s up. The facility is really cool and ...

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Ellen B.

Today was my first introduction to Dr. Auth and his staff. Everyone was very warm and welcoming. Chronic low back pain has controlled my life for so many years, just the possibility of decompression treatment helping me is overwhelming in a good way. I look forward to helping myself by ...

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